Peng Liu - Chinese Painting Artist

Born and grew up in Beijing, Peng Liu started to learn Chinese painting forty years ago and later specialized in painting of HuTong, a cultural icon of Beijing, China.   To express his deep-rooted emotion to this city, Peng distinguishes himself from others by creatively combining Chinese painting’s Ink and Wash freehand style with delicate depiction of HuTong details.   


Of all HuTongs Peng painted, many have been demolished.  Original looks of those HuTongs were based on either his own memory or old photographs.  Thanks to Peng’s hobby as an old photograph collector, many old HuTong images were brought back to life in his paintings.


Mostly using black ink, Peng’s paintings perfectly illustrate the beauty and elegancy of old Beijing residence in grey tiles and aged appearance over centuries.                                    

In addition to HuTong as his main focus, Peng also painted other subjects of Beijing culture and tradition.  Peng is key member of several Artist Committees in Beijing and actively contributes to local cultural preservation programs.