About us

YanHomeandLiving is owned by Wendy who was born in China and moved to the U.S. twenty years ago.  She then travelled between the U.S. and China frequently.  Wendy spent years-of-living in China since 2005, when she built in-depth knowledge and access to local antique furniture market and resources.  Wendy also travelled around Asia and made many Expat community friends from all around the world.  Inspired by her friends’ passion in Asian cultures and traditions, combining Wendy’s innate understanding and love for oriental style, YanHomeandLiving was born. 

YanHomeandLiving focuses on Chinese antique furniture, oriental handmade products, private design décor, local artist paintings and Asian influenced art, featuring oriental art styles, supreme quality, exquisite techniques and limited quantity.  YanHomeandLiving aims to promote unique home design by blending oriental taste into western style, and adding a vintage touch into modern space.

On behalf of YanHomeandLiving founders, partners and team members, we wish our customers to enjoy their purchase either as new owner of one-of-a-kind antiques, or by feeling the beauty of traditional handmade crafts, or to access local artists original paintings and prints in unique styles.  We thank each of our customers to provide support to our business!