HuoYaoJu HuTong

HuoYaoJu HuTong

1/10 Edition
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Viewing from a corner of the HuTong, this painting shows a quiet long alley named HuoYaoJu ErTiao meaning GunPowder Bureau.  This HuTong was where GunPowder Bureau was located during Ming Dynasty and all government military weapons and supplies were stored. 

In contrast to the busy scene in history as a military center, HuoYaoJu HuTong is now a peaceful residential neighborhood.  This painting delicately depicts the surrounding of the HuTong making people imagine what it may look like in the old days.   

Unlike oil or other paintings, Chinese ink and wash technique does not tolerate any redo of a brush touch due to the light impression on rice paper.  Artists need to be very skillful to paint one time as the final.  Peng Liu’s master skills were given a full play in this painting.  He has no fear to freely use brushes and create loosely controlled lines and images while giving the objects life.  

  • 2020,  W: 69cm (27") |  L: 69cm(27")
  • Reproduction Edition: 1/10
  • Fine Art Giclee Printing on Rice Paper with Base Mat
  • Artist signed Certificate
  • Unframed

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