MianHua HuTong

MianHua HuTong

Original Painting
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A respected and passionate Chinese painting artist from Beijing, Mr. Peng Liu is one of a few artists in China focusing on HuTong paintings.  He was recognized for creating a unique style in his HuTong painting by combing freehand ink and wash with details depiction by brushes.  

Original painting, MianHua HuTong, shows main entrance of a residence, where the artist spent most his childhood.  Deeply attached to his old home, Peng used freehand to scope the architecture and carefully highlighted details using fine brushes, fully showcasing his master skills in Chinese painting with his 40+ years of active and enthusiastic practicing.  This painting has clean but soft lines to illustrate the home's coziness in a winter day and the breath of life in HuTongs.  Peng shared his memory and affection in a gentle way through his painting with details such as aged wall, MenDun (Chinese gate piers), a winter plant and fainted couplets.

  • 2017,  W: 40cm(15.74")  |   L: 40cm(15.74")
  • Original 
  • Rice paper on professional art paper base mat
  • Artist signature and stamp
  • Unframed

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